Five years warranty extension

Each unit that we supply stands for quality and reliability. We choose our suppliers and brands carefully so that we can guarantee this quality. Of course, our service does not stop after the purchasement. Installation, implementation, maintenance and repair by trained technicians are needed to ensure that the devices continue to operate. In this document you will discover how simply our technical department works.

Do you need a WEXT, a WUC or both?

A WEXT, a WUC or a combination suffices in any situation. Below the difference between both services are explained briefly. Further in this document one can find everything explained in detail.

What is a WEXT?

WEXT stands for Warranty EXTention. This is an extension of the technical warranty to 5 years. Furthermore, there are many additional benefits. This
warranty extension is recommended when you think that the standard warranty can’t provide sufficient security.

What is a WUC?

With a WUC one can buy some hours in packages of 10 units for technical help, installation and support. There is no expiration date and the balance of
the hours can even be used after a couple of years.